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Welcome to Bronitsky and Associates LLC.

Since 1992, we have been providing quality cultural experiences that inspire, educate and entertain audiences and participants around the world.

With offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and Breisach, Germany we offer professional services in:

  • International artist management
  • International performing arts and cultural presentations 
  • International visual arts and crafts presentations 
  • Festival and event feasibility, design and management
  • Cultural workplace training and performance management

We have an active database of over 6900 artists, performers and cultural organizations from around the world. We can work with you to design almost any kind of Indigenous event, traditional AND contemporary, from almost anywhere in the world!

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Lakota Rock Band Arrow Space, Austria 1999 Chinle Valley Singers, Latvia, 2003 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers, Lithuania 2002 Kwakwa'wakaakw (Kwakiut) Dancers (Canada) in Sinaloa, Mexico 2004 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers, Mongolia 2004 Chinle Valley Singers in Latvia with American Flag Navajo rug, 2001 Russian models with fashions by Navajo designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, Moscow, Russia, September 2004 Navajo author Rex Lee Jim, Denver, 2002 Pa'a Taotao Tano Dancers (Guam) in the Netherlands 2001 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Lithuania 2002 Lakota Rock Band Arrow Space, Austria 1999 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Mongolia 2004 Darren Deswood (Chinle Valley Singers), Latvia 2003 Members of the Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Lithuania 2002 Navajo Fashion by designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, St Petersburg, Russia September 26, 2004 Dempsey Deswood (Chinle Valley Singers) Latvia 2003 Navajo wedding dress by Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, St Petersburg, Russia, September 26, 2004 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers--Olla Maidens--Mongolia 2004 Pa'a Taotao Tano Dancers (Guam) in the Netherlands 2001 Russian models with fashions by Navajo designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger after her one-woman show in Moscow, 2004

Please enjoy the slide show (above right) featuring images from events that have taken place since 1999. Although some of the pictures are not of the highest quality, these photos showcase the wide variety of talented artists we represent and the locations all over the world that we have been privileged to visit.

Breaking News:

Navajo/Yakuts Cultural Summit, Yakutsk, Russia (March 1-7, 2016)

The Navajo/Yakuts Cultural Summit in Yakutsk was a great success.

  • Navajo cultural authorities Ruth and Edison Bitsui
  • Navajo educator Leandra Thomas
  • President of Navajo Technical University, Elmer Guy, and
  • Navajo designer Virginia Ballenger

and myself.

A seven hour flight to Yakutsk from from the United States Consulate in Vladivostok had arranged a full schedule indeed - they did great work. Virginia met with Yakuts models and began preparing for the upcoming show while the rest of us visited the trade fair full of artists and crafts people from all over Yakutia. Elmer Guy went to meet with administrators and faculty at the local university while the rest of us went to a kindergarten that was most impressive, especially for Leandra who teaches first grade in an all-Navajo elementary school in Arizona - instruction in Russian and Yakuts, and they’re learning English. Classes in dance and sports and swimming, a beautiful building - clearly a major effort on the part of many people.

And then, one of the highlights - a wonderful and exciting show of fashions from designers from Yakutsk, Central Asia and Mongolia and Virginia's work was superb. We were all so proud of her - beautiful designs from a great designer. Brava!!!!!!! I had produced a show for her ten years ago in Moscow with the US embassy. It was a moment I had thought about for years - another overseas show - and it was just so fulfilling.

Navajo fashion in Yakutsk--designer Virginia Ballenger from Gordon Bronitsky on Vimeo.

The consulate also arranged for the group to speak about Navajo life to students in a special English program sponsored by the State Department for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A great experience!

And that evening a surprise that was totally unexpected, and absolutely incredible. It was listed on our schedule as “dinner with Mikhael Ershov” and others of Elleada. I had met him last year - he is the director of a major festival whom I had met last year (and who showed me how to mat wrestle). It turned out to be an evening in a Yakuts temple festooned with prayer offerings, greeted by Mikhael and by Viliam Fedorovich Yakovlev. He is the director of the Isiakh Tuimaada Architectural and Ethnographic Center in Us Khatin, Yakutia, Russia. I had met him when I toured a group of Siberian leaders to meet the President of the Navajo Nation a few years ago and hadn’t seen him since. What an unexpected pleasure. We were greeted by Yakuts women offering kumiss (fermented mare's milk). We sat down in the temple and one of the leading Yakuts shamans blessed us with fire and then invited us to take horsehair and put it in the fire while thinking of something important to us. His chanting was powerful indeed and then we sat down to what can only be described as a Yakuts feast while a women's chorus sang traditional Yakuts songs. Kumiss, roasted local fish, shaved frozen fish, whipped cream and so much more and of course, lots of tea!

And at last, a farewell banquet sponsored by the city of Yakutsk. Wonderful food, great memories, great hosts--and this is just the first step towards great things in the future!

You can check out the pictures at


Lupane State University in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialist grant to Gordon Bronitsky, PhD, Founder and President of Bronitsky and Associates. The grant will cover three visits to Zimbabwe to work with the University in the areas outlined in the grant letter below.

Dear Dr. Bronitsky:

I am pleased to inform you that Lupane State University in Zimbabwe has selected you for Fulbright Specialist project #7149.

Fulbright Specialist Project #7149
Host: Lupane State University
Visit     / Arrival Date     / Length of Visit(# of Days including weekends, holidays and travel days)

Visit 1     / 07/05/2016     / 14 days
Visit 2     / 10/24/2016     / 14 days
Visit 3     / 03/13/2017     / 14 days

Project Description
Discipline Requested:
Specialization Desired:
Anthropology, Other
Other Fields of Interest:
Type(s) of Activity Requested

  • Present lectures at graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Participate in or lead seminars or workshops at overseas academic institutions
  • Conduct needs assessments, surveys, institutional or programmatic research
  • Develop and/or assess academic curricula or educational materials

Project Description
The specialist would be expected to serve in the following capacities:

  1. Offer guest lecturer services.
    Depending on when he arrives, the Department of Languages has a course in "Theatre and Performance" (Part 2:1) beginning in July where he can lecture. The Department of Development Studies offers a course in "Culture and Development". This is a part 4:2 course and he is welcome to teach. His input into the teaching of that course will afford students insight into 1st World issues.
  2. Critique the proposed program in Anthropology.
    The Professor could be of great assistance in critiquing the anthropology regulations that the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences together with the Department of Development Studies are currently working on for submission to Academic Board. His input could also be solicited before his arrival in Zimbabwe.
  3. Assist the university with developing its curriculum in Arts Management
    The Department of Languages offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts management which has not generated enough interest from potential students. The professor's input would also be important in an effort to boost or remodel this program.
  4. Hold public lectures and seminars (to include, inter alia, research methods in anthropology and social science).
    The Professor will be welcome to hold public lectures and seminars that could generate interest in collaborative research between local academics and himself, or researchers from his home country.
    Furthermore, the Faculty would be quite excited to have a seminar on academic writing and publishing to improve the research output of academics in the Faculty. We also see a potential for running a PhD research proposal writing workshop and/or a Postgraduate research supervision workshop.

Best regards,


Carmel Geraghty
Program Officer, Fulbright Specialist Program
Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)
Institute of International Education (IIE)
1400 K Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005
Phone +1.202.686.8641 | Fax +1.202.686.4029
cgeraghty@iie.org | www.iie.org
Twitter @IIEGlobal | Facebook IIEGlobal | Blog Opening Minds

Algeria (August, 2015)

The Chinle Valley Singers at the US embassy, Algiers, Algeria:

The Chine Valley Singers at the US embassy, Algiers, Algeria

And this is an image of a news story about their visit:

On est tres contents d'etre en Algerie

Doing Anthropology--Full Tilt, Full Time

Gordon Bronitsky’s most recent article about his work, Doing Anthropology--Full Tilt, Full Time, was published in A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology, edited by Riall Nolan. If you’d like to know how Gordon Bronitsky got to where he is, or where he’s going, this article is a good place to start - click here to read it.

A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology is available on Amazon.com.

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