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Welcome to Bronitsky and Associates LLC.

Since 1992, we have been providing quality cultural experiences that inspire, educate and entertain audiences and participants around the world.

With offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and Breisach, Germany we offer professional services in:

  • International artist management
  • International performing arts and cultural presentations 
  • International visual arts and crafts presentations 
  • Festival and event feasibility, design and management
  • Cultural workplace training and performance management

We have an active database of over 6900 artists, performers and cultural organizations from around the world. We can work with you to design almost any kind of Indigenous event, traditional AND contemporary, from almost anywhere in the world!

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Lakota Rock Band Arrow Space, Austria 1999 Chinle Valley Singers, Latvia, 2003 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers, Lithuania 2002 Kwakwa'wakaakw (Kwakiut) Dancers (Canada) in Sinaloa, Mexico 2004 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers, Mongolia 2004 Chinle Valley Singers in Latvia with American Flag Navajo rug, 2001 Russian models with fashions by Navajo designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, Moscow, Russia, September 2004 Navajo author Rex Lee Jim, Denver, 2002 Pa'a Taotao Tano Dancers (Guam) in the Netherlands 2001 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Lithuania 2002 Lakota Rock Band Arrow Space, Austria 1999 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Mongolia 2004 Darren Deswood (Chinle Valley Singers), Latvia 2003 Members of the Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers (New Mexico), Lithuania 2002 Navajo Fashion by designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, St Petersburg, Russia September 26, 2004 Dempsey Deswood (Chinle Valley Singers) Latvia 2003 Navajo wedding dress by Virginia Yazzie Ballenger, St Petersburg, Russia, September 26, 2004 Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers--Olla Maidens--Mongolia 2004 Pa'a Taotao Tano Dancers (Guam) in the Netherlands 2001 Russian models with fashions by Navajo designer Virginia Yazzie Ballenger after her one-woman show in Moscow, 2004

Please enjoy the slide show (above right) featuring images from events that have taken place since 1999. Although some of the pictures are not of the highest quality, these photos showcase the wide variety of talented artists we represent and the locations all over the world that we have been privileged to visit.

Breaking News:

Gordon Bronitsky To Speak and Lead Workshop in China

Gordon Bronitsky, PhD, Founder/President of Bronitsky and Associates will be the keynote speaker at the Third International Conference on Applications of Anthropology in Business 2014 at Jishou University, China, in May. His topic will be International Cultural Marketing.

The Conference organizers will introduce Dr Bronitsky to Tu and Miao performers in Jishou and Fenghuang. He will also facilitate a two-day workshop on international cultural marketing under the auspices of the Tianjing University of Finance and Economics.

Navajo Fluteplayer Andrew Thomas to the Russian Far East

We are delighted to announce that the United States Consulate General in Vladivostok will tour Navajo fluteplayer to Vladivostok and Sakhalin in the Russian Far East in April 2014. Russian audiences are in for a real treat!

Poster for Andrew Thomas in Russian Far EastHere is the performance schedule and a copy of the program poster - click on the poster for a larger version:

April 4, Friday: Ussuriysk
Performance for children from Primorskiy Kray at the Primorskiy Regional College of Culture

April 5, Saturday: Luchegorsk
Program in Luchegorsk

April 7, Monday: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin
Meeting at the Sakhalin Regional Library

April 8, Tuesday: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin
Meeting with the students of the Sakhalin College of Arts, Andrey S. Kostin, Director Sakhalin College of Art
Concert , Chekhov Literature and Arts Museum “Sakhalin Island”

April 9, Wednesday
Concert at Nogliki Leisure Center

April 10, Thursday
Meeting with the club “Nivkhinka,” master-class, introduction to the traditional crafts of the indigenous people of Sakhalin Island

This tour is already in the news:

Doing Anthropology--Full Tilt, Full Time

Gordon Bronitsky’s most recent article about his work, Doing Anthropology--Full Tilt, Full Time, will be published in A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology, edited by Riall Nolan and due out February 19, 2013. If you’d like to know how Gordon Bronitsky got to where he is, or where he’s going, this article is a good place to start - click here to read it.

A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology will be available on Amazon.com.

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